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Amraah Carole White

says: At 78 this year, I am both an old hand and an accidental tourist in Vancouver, 2017.

I am pleased to offer an unusual take on my observations, experiences and on the wider world around me here in the Downtown Eastside. Bon Appetit!


TJ Dawe

TJ Dawe is a Vancouver based writer, performer and director. He mostly creates autobiographical monologues, and helps others do the same.

He teaches a course on creating a solo show at Langara, as part of their Continuing Studies program, which is open to anyone. He spends a good chunk of year on the road, touring theatres and festivals.

He and his partner Lindsay facilitate workshops on the Enneagram (pronounced a�?any-a-grama�?) – a personality type system, and on creativity. A play he co-wrote got turned into a feature film that very few people saw.


C. Neale-Clark

Chris is our webmaster, a local promoter of local business, a long time academic with a number of degrees in Theology, Philosophy, and Business and enjoys writing.A� A�He especially loves pointing out good things he sees happens daily.A� He is convinced that miraclesA�still do happen.

As a local resident of the DTESA� ChrisA�believes that theA�DTES is aA�vibrant, diverse, inclusive, thrivingA�progressive & innovativeA�local social & business community.A� A�He has taken on the challenge to promote Local Business and Shopping through hisA�DTES Vancouver Business Directory.A� A�A�

Chris’s plan is to try to find Good News stories to remind us that good thrives right here in the DTES despite how the mainstream media often portrays the area.A� He welcomes story ideas and suggestions.

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