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Archived Editions of Magazines



Fall Edition
Issue #5
(Please note we are now going to just number each issue as above)

This issue shifts attention to transportation woes on The Drive. We drill down into just why Bus 20, third busiest in Metro Vancouver, is a source of such frustration for so many who ride her, and check in what is happening in the eternal raging Bike Wars as they concern Commercial Drive. It’s been a year since city council sent the issue of whether or not to have dedicated bike lanes on The Drive back to staff for further consultation. We are waiting.

This issue features the usual columns by Amraah Carole White and TJ Dawe, and introduces a new one by the enigmatic MR NEGATIVE. It is strong stuff.

The October 14 by-election has come and gone but the implications linger on. THE CROWS endorsed Green Party candidate Pete Fry. We present two in-depth pieces on his policies and the shortcomings, as we see it, of rival Jean Swanson. As it is neither was elected, splitting the left-wing vote to allow the NPA’s Hector Bremner to sneak in.

Summer Edition
Vol 1 #4 (July 2017)

Oppenheimer is Drowning

The core of the Greater Downtown Eastside has never been in worse shape than it is now, summer 2017. Charting the decline of the Oppenheimer district, and some ideas for relief. A�This issue includes regular columnists Amraah Carole White, TJ Dawe, and reports on community economic development in the DTES and efforts by the housing agency Atira to pioneer real social mix at its new major development at 41 West Hastings. A�A�Also: a new business directory website aims to unite the Greater DTES by listings; and a three-page report alleging that psychiatry cynically profits from human misery.

Spring Edition
Vo1 #3 (April 2017)

Welfare War How to fight back

For 16 years the BC Liberal government, in tandem with the Harper government, has waged an overt WAR ON THE POOR. As a result the official measure of rich-poor divide in BC has almost never been higher. In the City of Vancouver it is especially bad because the decade-long welfare freeze has happened at the same time as a massive increase in rents. The result is that thousands of Downtown Eastside residents have reacted in at least three ways a�� welfare fraud, fare evasion and theft, especially shoplifting. Given the siege against those residents this is justified and to be expected. Editor David Beattie examines the issue close-up and personal, at length.

Other stories: Columnist Amraah White tells of her adventures a�?wheeling around the a�?hooda�? in her motor wheelchair, and TJ Dawe ponders how not to stay bogged down in argument.

Winter Edition
Vol 1 #2 (Jan 2017)

HIP replacement in da Ghetto +Chinesish-town, bike wars in Strathcona

50 years since Vancouvera��s Chinatown last faced a potentially fatal threat, two giant freeways, the enclave is again in a possible fight for its life. A�This time ita��s death by 1,000 tiny cuts: new upscale commercial andA�residential development mostly built, occupied and patronised by whites.

Another big difference is that this time Chinese-Canadian business leaders are not fighting back. It was they, actually, who supported a hardfought 2011 rezoning that allows 15 storey buildings in key areas of Chinatown.

OTHER STORIES: Hip Replacement In The Ghetto. Skid Row getting a facelift in places, but it could go too far.

GIMME SHELTER: Columnist Amraah White tells the story of how she has ended up in a homeless shelter in the Oppenheimer core of the DTES, at age 79!

Inaugural Edition
Vol 1 #1 (July 2016)

New Hospital Puts Renters in ER, War on Drug Ever Deadlier

Featuring articles from the Team of Co-Publishers, Regular Columnist and Guest including: MIXING IT IN THE a�?HOOD Why Jean Swanson and Carnegie Action are wrong about a�?social mixa�� in rental housing| NEW HOSP. PUTS RENTERS IN a�?E.Ra��? The mega-project on the DTES doorstep almost sure to hike land values and lead to even more rental pressure | WAR ON DRUGS EVER DEADLIER Usual Harm Reduction Approach Not Working Against Fatal Scourge of Fentanyl |CONTAIN PORT, SAVE PARK A�Coalition of DTES groups fighting Port of Vancouvera��s expansion and saving Crab Park| Tent City Building Intensity | CITY a�?YESa�� TO SEVEN-STOREY CONTAINER HOMES | TRUCE IN CRAFT BREWERY BROUHAHA | A CENTURY LATER, DTES GETS A DECENT LIBRARY | A�RAYCAM CENTRE DREAMS BIG | A�Chilling It At The HeatleyA�Live Bluegrass Sunday nights, great eats and more than enough good beer for normal people |