About Us

Many publications like to crow about how different they are from the pack. In our case we believe the magazine speaks for itself in that regard. The Crows is a quarterly magazine, both online and in hard copy, that focuses on the major political, social, economic and cultural issues in the Greater Downtown Eastside, first and foremost, and also the Commercial Drive area and Grandview-Woodlands set of neighbourhoods. It is our intention in time to also turn our gaze onto Mount Pleasant, the third sub-area of the Inner City of Vancouver and which make up the provincial riding of Vancouver-Mt Pleasant.

In hard copy we have now published four issues – Fall 2016, Winter 2017, Spring 2017 and Summer 2017. The next issue is due early October, Fall 2017.

Our paper is entirely independent. It is created entirely by a small number of individuals all of whom live in the area, and is affiliated with no company or party or ideology. We partially cover the cost of printing by sale of advertisements, and we invite you to consider the merit of promotion in our pages. For each of the four print issues so far we have run 3,000 copies and aim to increase that to 10,000. After some false starts our website is now up and running, and is also set to grow.

Please pass your copy of the magazine to friends, colleagues and others. Further, we would love to hear from you on any of the stories printed or news tips or ideas.

Thanks for checking in,


David Beattie and Amraah White, Co-publishers.

Call us on: 778-939-7147 or email: [email protected]