Politics and Money; or is it Money and Politics?

2018 January 15, EDITORIAL:

The Crows Editorial: Politics and Money; or is it Money and Politics?

It has been famously said that it is not possible to change the illnesses of the world with the same mind that created them. It is imperative that we understand that to formulate lasting solutions to our most difficult problems we must begin by raising our sights and probably as important, our expectations.

If we are really ready to play a bigger game, we can have no losers, everyone involved must win.

It is true, is it not, that we are all Canadians and all of us deserve a decent place to live, a legitimate job, universal health care and a proper education so that we may participate wholeheartedly in our society? This is not a crazy dream because when we look around the world there are countries where this is their reality, Norway, for instance. What are we waiting for?

If you have ever faced a truly challenging conundrum in your own life, you understand just how much it takes to make a lasting change. However, being the fearless Big Crow on the block, I will take the grenade with a missing plug that is being tossed about ready to explode any second. Look out below!

My observations convince me that even though those people who are in politics from our local city council to the Province onward and upward to the federal level, have no real training in the very large game being played by our hidden masters; the game called money. More to the point, it is doubtful that any of them are even available to the kind of vision and civic pride, honesty and integrity to even consider any kind of useful alternative to the current broken systems. Well, they have their win, dona��t they?

Oh sure, they may have been in business and learned what it takes to be successful, even make themselves a famous name. And I am certain that there was enough money in their lives not to be counting pennies: Can I buy myself a coffee today or does this $3.45 really need to be used for groceries? Can I afford to put myself on the line for a mortgage payment that will stretch the family in other places? These are the sorts of personal negotiations that surround the sundry issues of money.

The Big Daddy of the banksters of this day was none other than Meyer Amshel Rothschild whose five sons became the banks of England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. His pronouncement went like this: Let me control the money, I care not who makes the laws. And this telling quote comes from his old wife, Matilda,a�? If my sons did not want war, there would be none.a�?

Well, could it be we are just now getting a good look at the very small box our game of money comes in? The banks are making the rules and we have been playing and are being played all along with the rules that are for the benefit of the banks. Our local housing issues have almost no chance in this game that is really out of our hands. It does not really matter how well we play, the game is bigger than all of us.

It is worth hundreds of trillions in fact to the major controllers of the system.

This is when it becomes a little more clear what the Editorial writer has taken on when she took hold of the smoking grenade.

From this point on I expect there to be a lot of incredulity spring to the minds of readers. I also expect disdain and throw away phrases such as she has no idea what she is talking about. There will be guffaws of laughter and I will be quickly dismissed. It will show up as a dismal defeat. Oh, well. This is not the first act of courage that I have been known to have undertaken.

En Francaise: Heart is Couer. Courage, then, is a rage of the heart.

I learned that there are two ways to interpret the rules of the game called money. The way we all play allows that the banksters always win in the end. And we are the ones that pay and pay. In the conversation going on in our great city, Vancouver, the ones who are paying the most are not the ones able to afford the exorbitant rents but the ones who have almost nothing and who are struggling in filthy and dangerous conditions in SRO hotels, in seedy buildings, and who are squatting in cardboard lean-to shelters in Oppenheimer park, in the doorways along Hastings, along Alexander St., along Powell St, in vacant lot encampments expecting momently to be rousted and sent packing by park rangers or police. These are our people who lose and lose again and again, whose life expectancy is curtailed by the dangerous conditions they must endure which results in the terror of despair.

Might this be the right time for all those people at the core of the issues of housing for our people, to actually indulge in a much larger conversation about real and lasting solutions that can allow for the economics of the situation of our universal slavery to money to be managed properly? Can it be the politicians, the developers, the landowners, the construction companies sit with an agreed upon mandate to solve the crushing need for housing in such a balance that the whole of it yield a legitimate profit which will maintain it satisfactorily? Might it be that all these big players can be convinced to devise a cooperative solution that will include everyone?

For this moment, I am going to toss you, dear Reader, the grenade before it goes off in our faces. This topic and these ideas I will visit again and again believing that the more often some kind of visionary options are put forward the more likely that these and other creative solutions will come forward for earnest discussion. I am certain that a sufficiency of intelligence and experience and plain raw willpower exists in the minds and hearts of everyone involved that an entirely satisfactory solution for all of us can be made. And I actually believe that those at the core of the issues are truly decent people willing to craft a proper win for everyone.

After all how many of our Canadian people will have to die in poverty, despair, addiction and dire conditions for us to figure it all out?

Might this be another good time for this anti-war statement? If it isna��t me, who; if it isna��t now, when?



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