Party Down! Ita��s New Years: on to 2018!

Party Down! Ita��s New Years: on to 2018!

There are a bunch of traditions to celebrate and depending on your personal level of merry and happy you can choose a glass of wine with the family at home or go out on the howl until the wee hours of the morning. Whatever your choice, enjoy yourself, relax and do your own kind of celebration to turn over the calendar once again.

There are a few journalistic traditions to piggyback on and so I will right now tune you into some changes here and perhaps add a little reminiscence or several to the mix here in our local magazine.

It seems the Big Crow himself, Mr David Beattie has decided to take himself off to Vietnam where he has been before and where the weather is much more tropical. We learned about this a while ago and so have been working our way through a transition, picking up the pieces, working out our website so that it becomes a much better online platform for our news and commentary. We, all of us here involved in the Crows, wish him wonderful new opportunities far across the Pacific. I know many of us agree that our weather can get tedious with rain and cold and especially dark in winter. Bon Voyage, David and thank you very much for bringing your vision to life. We will carry on, sir!

There are as well as visual differences in our magazine; there is a change of personnel. Seems that I have been tagged to be the publisher and well, frankly I am quite well suited to the task as both my mother and grandmother managed everything. I come by my executive abilities honestly from the cauldron of home life. Our webmaster, Mr Chris Neale-Clark continues his sparkling excellence and skill bringing a highly workable cooperation with me to tailor our magazine to an online presence. Between us, we are working toward a shift in tone and content to become more of a forum for useful changes. It might be that we agree that criticism by itself does not create better conditions.

To assist us to first identify changes that you would like to see and second to enrich our offerings with your input, we invite all of our readers to do at least two things: tell your friends and send them the link, tout our articles everywhere you go; and second, send us your feedback to the places on the site that are ready to accept what you have to contribute. We promise to pay attention to everything that you send us; what we cannot promise is that you will get a personal reply but keep a fair weather eye out and you will notice what we are doing. And, with the simple thing of thank you very much, we can create something here that is pleasing to all of us. We might even become some kind of go-to publication that can be a positive direction for change that includes everyone in it.

Of course, there are those New Yeara��s resolutions. Some people get really serious about this ritual and so we here at the Crows are going to go on record as a stand for neighbourhood friendly journalism that will reveal some of the qualities here that we can be proud of. Yes, there are many problems but we are not the only area of our extended city where there are problems. There is a spirit here that I have not noticed anywhere else I have been rolling. Ia��m old enough now, I can and do talk to everyone and give a greeting made especially to raise the spirits of all my friends and, guess what? Everyone waves and smiles back their greeting to me and the next time they see me, there is often a quick exchange of another greeting. Look out all the rest of you millions around and about, this sort of thing can catch on in your front yards as well. If everyone will care a little and does a little it can add up to Vancouver being a truly great place to live. Now that is a worthy New Years Resolution.

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