Issue 5 Full Edition in PDF Now Online

We are proud to share our latest endeavors with you.A� A�You can read it online or even download your own copy for later reading on your computer or phone.A� A�We hope you enjoy as we covered many issues starting withA�attention to transportation woes on The Drive. We drill down into just why Bus 20, third busiest in Metro Vancouver, is a source of such frustration for so many who ride her, and check in what is happening in the eternal raging Bike Wars as they concern Commercial Drive. It’s been a year since city council sent the issue of whether or not to have dedicated bike lanes on The Drive back to staff for further consultation. We are waiting.

This issue features the usual columns by Amraah Carole White and TJ Dawe, and introduces a new one by the enigmatic MR NEGATIVE. It is strong stuff.

The October 14 by-election has come and gone but the implications linger on. THE CROWS endorsed Green Party candidate Pete Fry. We present two in-depth pieces on his policies and the shortcomings, as we see it, of rival Jean Swanson. As it is neither was elected, splitting the left-wing vote to allow the NPA’s Hector Bremner to sneak in.


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