Artist’s impression, in grey, of part of the proposed new overpass into the Port from Clark Drive. It will obscure the view of the lower floors of the iconic Rogers Sugar building

Viaducts removal, port expansion and new St Paul’s Hospital to bring big changes for businesses

Business owners and managers – have your say on mobility issues in the Strathcona Business Improvement Area.


* A proposed new overpass from Clark to the Port to serve the expanded Centerm (Central Terminal).
* Proposed new north-south bike route along either Heatley, Hawks or Campbell.
* New Gore Ave/Station St bike lane as part of new St. Paula��s Hospital transportation network improvements (timing unknown).

Strathcona business leaders are appealing to the 700 or so local businesses to pay attention to and put in their 10 cents worth on the huge slew of neighbourhood changes involving a�?mobilitya�? – getting around by truck, car, bus, bicycle and foot in the area.

Dubbed MAP STRATHCONA, or Mobility Advocacy Plan, the Strathcona Business Improvement Society, SBIA, is asking its members to take a five-minute survey to help shape the project.

a�?What are the most pressing transportation and mobility issues in Strathcona from your perspective? Help us know where to focus our efforts,a�? it says on its website. (

It says: a�?With grant support from theA�Real Estate Foundation of BC, wea��ve launched a unique and innovative project to develop a Mobility Action Plan for our business district a�� the first of its kind in Canada.a�?

a�?The purpose of this project is to develop a community-based mobility and transportation vision and supporting action plan for the SBIA and project partners to pursue. The project will explore a range of transportation and mobility issues, including goods movement, transit, curbside uses, active transportation, car and bike sharing opportunities, and parking. The planning process will also help educate SBIA members about the transportation impacts of upcoming changes in and around Stathcona, like the Georgia/Dunsmuir viaducts removal, Centerm expansion, new residential/commercial developments, and numerous City of Vancouver plans that will impact our area.a�?

The initiative began June this year, has a forum set for October, development and engagement from November through February next year before completion in March 2018.

The ‘Future Strathcona Mobility and Transportation Forum’ is set for Wednesday, October 25thA�from 7:30-10:30 am, at the Dutch Urban Design Centre, 1489 Frances Street.

a�?Join usA�for an action-oriented breakfast meeting with SBIA members and key transportation stakeholders (City of Vancouver, Translink, Metro Vancouver, Modo and others), as we explore future transportation and mobility scenarios for Strathcona, identify a preferred vision, and outline the actions partners and stakeholders will need to undertake to achieve it. Breakfast and coffee will be provided!” says SBIA.

Another event is a Bike-along workshop in partnership with HUB Cycling. a�?Ride with us on a bike-along workshop to assess cycling needs and opportunities in the neighbourhood with a post-ride debrief at a local brewery a�� date in early September, to be announced soon.a�?

A ‘Goods Movement Ride Along’ is another part of it. a�?Does your business experience issues related to goods movement? Do you own your own fleet or experience a high volume of shipments and deliveries? We want to ride along to hear and experience your concerns.a�?

a�?Wea��ve put together a summary of all the upcoming transportation changes in our neighbourhood that could impact your businesses a�� from the Viaducts removal to HOV lane changes on Hastings,a�? it says on the website.A�

This new zoning change could encourage more CPM businesses to locate in Railtown to further grow the creative economy and result in more employees in the area than under the older Manufacturing zoning. This change could exacerbate parking issues, but could also increase the viability of transit improvements and bike/car sharing options.

Port capacity will increase by 2/3 (completion early 2020).A�A new overpass will be constructed at Centennial Road, starting December 2017. For the three to six months of construction, about 1,000 vehicles per day will be diverted via Heatley overpass to Hastings or Cordova (with about a 50/50 split expected between the two streets). Traffic impacts are expected to be negligible during this time. The Heatley overpass will be removed June to November 2019. During construction there will be limited parking access on Heatley Ave and limited through-traffic on Alexander St.

Post-construction, significant effects on Strathcona road network overall are not anticipated. Minor vehicle volume reduction on some streets, and an additional 325 in-bound and 325 out-bound container trucks per day on Clark Dr.

*Improvements to Powell/Alexander bike route, leading to Powell St overpass
*New Gore Ave/Station St bike lane as part of new St. Paula��s Hospital transportation network improvements (timing unknown).
*New North/South bike lane on Heatley, Hawks or Campbell (MAP Strathcona will help determine which route).

BIKE SHARE (MOBI) Bike share stations coming to Strathcona in 2018/2019. Number and locations still to be determined (MAP Strathcona will help determine). Potential to reduce parking demand if more people ride, increase access to businesses. Private land is preferred for station siting, but if ita��s not available stations may be placed in parking spots

New St. Paula��s Hospital Campus to be built in the False Creek Flats area at Station and Prior. Construction 2018-2024. The new hospital will be a major local and regional destination that will generate a significant number of vehicle trips.

Improvements to cycling and walking access to the site are planned, which will include improvements in the SBIA area (including Gore Ave/ Station St complete streets improvements). Could result in improved transit to the area.

Planning will start in fall 2017. Gastown street improvements, bike and pedestrian improvements and potential street car a�� all of which could impact SBIA indirectly.

New developments will have on-site parking requirements, and may be required to support local transportation in other ways (e.g. segments of bike lanes, bike or care share stations on-site, sidewalk improvements).

* Strathcona Village, a threetower, 352-unit complex at 933 East Hastings, 282 market rental, 70 non market units.
* 288 E Hastings, 68 market rental, 104 non market units.
* 450 Gore Ave, 65 market rental units.

* Railtown Station Development at 711 Alexander. 55,652 square feet of light industrial, office and showroom space; 32 underground parking stalls.
* 353 Railway: 6 storeys, 39,775 square feet in the new I-4 zoning district

* 11 storey building at 124 Dunlevy with 213 units of social housing (new Roddan Lodge).

* Approved for 420 Hawks (for a 7-storey social housing building);
* Application for 901 Union (for an additional 37 beds at a care facility) and others.
* Additionally, developers have acquired several lots along East Hastings

*Timing unknown
*Replacement arterial still being determined by City and Park Board (William St, National Ave or Malkin Ave)
* Removal of the Viaducts will reroute 43,000 vehicles/day onto alternate routes through nearby neighbourhoods, including Strathcona

* The Flats area, directly south of the SBIA, will be a focus for economic intensification and employment.
* Cycling and pedestrian network improvements near the SBIA area.
* Exploring innovative goods movement and parking management tactics that could be expanded into SBIA.
* Safety and public realm improvements to Prior Street.

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